Rob Maigret - Lessons from an Entrepreneur

Rob Maigret - Lessons from an Entrepreneur

Serial founder Rob Maigret shares his experiences and lessons learned in scaling a startup. It covers the importance of hiring expertise, investing in infrastructure, and the potential pitfalls of assuming friendship among team members.

Key Points
  • Building a video sharing platform with a revenue model required a team and unique technical solutions.
  • The initial infrastructure was inadequate and lacked redundancy, leading to performance issues.
  • Bringing in talented developers from different countries added value and specialization to the team.
  • The role of a product person is crucial and challenging to hire for.
  • Product people should be able to appreciate the mastery of technology and identify when it is done right.
  • Aggressively seeking credit at the expense of colleagues and team dynamics can alienate oneself from others, particularly within the engineering group.

Best Quotes

"The architecture of this application is not good. It was built for like two people, not 2 million."
"You just should create something closed, invite friends, network, and potential investors to test before launching it to everybody."
"Some of these folks enjoyed the camaraderie and being a part of something big."
"It's one of those things that's really dangerous to outsource because if you get it wrong, it's hard to recover."
"You can tell if the company has a good product team by the products they put out."